Paulding County Office

503 Fairground Dr.
Paulding, OH 45879

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday (8:00 AM - 4:30 PM)


County News

  1. Green Thumbs youth gardening to promote educational skills.

    Youth is the heart of Paulding County! When we talk about opportunities to develop skills that last a lifetime, we are talking about those career development skills and life skills like time management, and hard work.
  2. 23rd Annual Master Gardener Volunteer Plant Sale

    The pop of color from a flower, the bees on the native plants, and the taste of a homegrown tomato are all aspects of spring and summer in NW Ohio and one the Paulding County Master Gardener Volunteers love. The 23rd annual sale will continue in 2024 with some changes.
  3. 2024 Paulding County Extension First Quarter Highlights January to March

    Paulding County Extension is excited to share with you the January to March 2024 program impact statements that illustrate how Ohio State University Extension is making a positive impact on the lives of Ohioans, their families, and their communities.