Jr. Fair Livestock Weigh In (With the Exception of Swine)

Sunday, June 12, 2016 - 4:00pm
Livestock Barn Weigh in Area

The Fairboards have approved minimum/maximum weights for animals. Animals that do not meet the weight requirement will show in the “Over/Under Weight Class” for a premium grade only. The judge will not award places in the Over/Under Weight Class. Exception Article II section VII.

  • Market Steers: Minimum weight 875 lbs
  • Beef Feeders: Minimum weight 350 lbs, Maximum weight 650 Lbs
  • Dairy Feeders Minimum weight 350 lbs, Maximum weight 650 lbs.
  • Market Goats: Minimum weight 50 lbs
  • Market Swine: Minimum weight 190 lbs
  • Hen Turkey: Minimum weight 14 lbs
  • Tom Turkey Minimum weight 28 lbs
  • Chickens Minimum weight 3.5 lbs
  • Ducks Minimum weight 5 lbs
  • Geese Minimum weight 10 lbs
  • Rabbits Minimum weight 3.5 lbs, Maximum weight 5 lbs
  • Sheep Minimum weight 90 lbs

Market animals that do not meet the weight requirements will NOT be permitted to go through the sale ring for a premium bid. Animals may go direct.

  1. If the animal makes weight the first time across the scale it is not permitted to re-weigh. If the animal doesn’t make weight you have 30 minutes from the time you went across the scale to re-weigh the animal ONCE to try to meet minimum or maximum weight standards. Animals must remain in their designated animal species area.

Swine will be weighed in as they are unloaded off the trailer. Only the exhibitor and ONE family member or guardian is permitted in the barn during livestock weigh-in.