Who needs certified and I do I receive Fertilizer Certification?

Please click on the link to information on how to receive your Fertlizer Certification through Ohio Department of Agriculture.

What records do I need to keep with the Fertilizer Certification?

Fertilizer application records need to documented within 24 hours of the application and kept for three years by the certified applicator. There is not standard recordkeeping format, but Ohio agricultural fertilizer records need to contain the following items:

  • Name of the responsible agricultural fertilizer certificate holder (and name of applicator if different)
  • Date of application (month, day, and year)
  • Location or field identification number of fertilizer application area
  • Rate of application (e.g., pounds of fertilizer per acre)
  • Analysis of fertilizer applied (e.g., 11-52-0)
  • Application method (soil injected, incorporated, surface-applied, etc.)
  • Soil conditions at the time of application
  • Temperature, precipitation, and other weather conditions at the time of application
    • For surface applications only: was the ground frozen or snow-covered (yes/no)?
  • Weather forecast for the day following the application

Recordkeeping Requirements for the Fertilizer Certification

Fertilizer Recordkeeping Help

For the ONMRK (Ohio Nutrient Management Recording Keeper) App used with a smart phone to keep Fertilizer Records click on the link.

For directions on how to set up the ONMRK app please click this link.