Palmer amaranth was found and confirmed in Paulding County on Tuesday, September 27, 2016.  This website is to help with identification, management and control of Palmer amaranth in the county.  During the fall potential plants can be a variety of sizes.  If you suspect you have this weed, please contact Sarah Noggle at the Extension Office at 419-399-8225.  If you decide to bring a sample of the plant to the Extension Office, please place the main seed head in a brown paper bag. Please GPS the location and take some pictures so I can determine what weed you have.   

Identification & Management Resources

Click on the following link for a Purdue publication with more information about Palmer amaranthPalmer amaranth Biology, Identification and Management

More information about Palmer amaranth is also available on the OSU Extension Weed Management website

August 2016: Mark Loux, OSU Weed Specialist, summary of conversation with Larry Steckel, weed specialist at the University of Tennessee regarding Palmer amaranth control strategies.  

More resources from OSU Weed Science Department

Pictures of Palmer amaranth found in Paulding County