Better Lives, Stronger Communities

The FCS program has three main focus areas: Healthy People, Healthy Finances, and Healthy Relationships.

OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) gives people the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make healthy, informed choices. We teach and promote safe food practices, better nutrition, better finances and better relationships – helping people acquire the knowledge and skills to make smart decisions in these areas.

Our Family and Consumer Sciences professionals turn evidence-based, impartial, current research into useful information that can improve the quality of people’s lives. We work to make information accessible to all Ohioans.

You can count on FCS to provide reliable, evidence-based information to encourage – and empower – people to adopt practices and behaviors to improve their finances, build more positive relationships with friends and family, and embrace healthier, nutritious lifestyles.

For more information on programming, contact Casey Bishop, Extension Educator, Paulding County by calling 419-399-8225 or by email at You can keep up-to-date on FCS programs in Paulding County by subscribing to the Paulding County FCS Blog.

You can also learn more about all OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences programs at

Extension has been helping all Ohioans build better lives, better businesses, and better communities since 1914.